A Tutorial ... Sort Of

I’ll be honest. I’m not all about writing DIY tutorials. Unless a project is really unique, there are usually about a billion tutorials out there for any given DIY. Just google “how to paint a room.” Or don’t, because I just did, and in 0.51 seconds Google came up with 958,000,000. Almost a billion. See, I wasn’t exaggerating! The world doesn’t need more tutorials from me.

But I have been loving some of the simple things that make a big difference in our house lately, and the dining room chairs are one project that I come back to again and again as a favorite. So simple, but so impactful!


Our dining room chairs are incredibly heavy, sturdy, white metal chairs, formerly of Dairy Queen, that I bought off Craigslist a couple years ago. ($80 for 6!) Being originally from Dairy Queen, the seats were upholstered in a shiny red vinyl that clashed with our house in every way possible. Obvious solution = reupholster the chairs.


I already had the fabric I wanted to use (you might recognize it as the fabric from the kids room curtains in our old house), so got to work, and a couple hours later had brand new chairs!




And this

are all great tutorials (that I sort of skim-watched / read) that show how to reupholster dining room chairs. My Google search only turned up 983,000 results, but I’m still pretty sure I don’t need to try to reinvent the wheel. Here are my two cents to make your job a little easier and increase the longevity of your chairs!

  1. Use a plug-in power stapler if you have it. SO MUCH EASIER. Unless you have way more muscles than me. I can’t use those manual staplers.

  2. If you have messy kids (ahem), consider using clear vinyl over whatever fabric you use. Or at least Scotchguard the chairs when you are done! Someday my kids will stop drooling and grinding food into their chair, but until they do it’s legs-sticking-in-summer vinyl for them.

SUCH an easy project, and it will update your look in an afternoon. Let me know if you’ve ever done it!