Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Week 6!!! The Whimsical Boys Room is COMPLETE!!! Somehow I actually finished on Monday, so I had a minute to catch my breath after sewing until midnight three nights running.

For anyone new to my blog or the One Room Challenge, it is a biannual decor and design event that takes place every spring and fall. This Fall 2018 Challenge marks its fourteenth season! Each Challenge there are 20 designers selected to transform a space, and they document their progress every Wednesday for 6 weeks. In addition, anyone with a blog can take part as a Guest Participant. Each Thursday the guests post links to their progress, inspiring and encouraging others as they participate. And that’s me, a Guest Participant! I made over my boys shared bedroom, giving it a touch of whimsey and lots of function.

Remember the tragic “Before” pictures? It was pretty much a dump-and-run situation. Holy Tornado, Batman!


And now the “After”…


I’m not sure exactly what I expected from the One Room Challenge. Besides the obvious, I mean, which is having one room in our house be absolutely and completely finished. But I feel like there have been some added benefits that I didn’t anticipate. I have grown as a decorator and photographer, and gained confidence in my ability to work with a deadline. I’ve been reminded how much I enjoy mixing colors and patterns, using power tools, and incorporating as many personally significant details as I can into a room.

There have been a lot of “best” parts of participating in the One Room Challenge. Watching the boys play in their new room is definitely one of them!


Lots more blog posts to come about the Whimsical Boys Room! I’ll share details about the art, pillows and other textiles, bedding, KALLAX bookcase, and more. Stick around, lots more goodies to come! Many thanks to Linda at the One Room Challenge for creating an amazing event that showcases so many wonderful designs. Check out all of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants at the link below.


As for what else is coming down the pike… lots of decor, staging, and more. Plus I’m already looking forward to the next One Room Challenge, coming up in Spring 2019. So stick around, I’m not going anywhere!