Castoff Or Vintage?

Despite my youngest son’s hopes and dreams, we will never be a dog (or cat) household. Too many allergies… there aren’t enough allergy shots out there to fix these people.

So, when I spotted these pups at Goodwill for $1 each, I decided they just had to come home with me. One for each boy, and they only needed a little spray paint to make them as good as new (better than new?).


Sometimes it can be challenging to determine potential at a second-hand shop or flea market. I admit, I wasn’t sure I could de-uglify these guys, but figured it was worth a $2 gamble.


I debated painting them a color, but kept coming back to little vintage bronze figures. A couple coats of Rustoleum later and they were perfect! The boys were THRILLED!


What’s your favorite second-hand find? I probably have too many to ever name them all, but these dogs, a set of two bamboo serving trays, and my free side-of-the-road grill top the list!