Jumping on board the One Room Challenge!

Here goes!

For years I’ve followed the One Room Challenge from a distance. I’ve watched my favorite home bloggers transform their spaces, one room at a time, and always thought “that looks like so much fun!”

Well. No more watching from the bench! With the launch of Dawson Interiors this past summer, it seems like the time is right to a) re-launch my blog, with a focus on making your house a home, and b) participate in the One Room Challenge!

What is this “One Room Challenge” you ask?

The One Room Challenge is a biannual decor and design event that takes place every spring and fall. This Fall 2018 Challenge marks its fourteenth season! Each Challenge there are 20 designers selected to transform a space, and they document their progress each Wednesday during the event. In addition, anyone with a blog can take part as a Guest Participant. Each Thursday the guests post links to their progress, inspiring and encouraging others as they participate.

And that brings us to me.

I’m going to be a One Room Challenge Guest Participant! Guess I better start a blog…

Click to check out all the participants!!

Click to check out all the participants!!


Launching the Dawson Interiors Blog is the transformation of our boys room!

Our 7 and (almost) 4 year old boys share a room. And there is a reason I have NEVER posted any pictures of said room. When we moved them into their current bedroom about two years ago (my brother was occupying it before that), we pretty much just chucked the furniture in, brushed our hands off, and called it done.


There used to be a rug, before the Blueberry Vomit Incident of 2017, but it died that day. Since then I’ve found my younger son sleeping on the floor during naps multiple times. (And in their dress up trunk. It’s pretty much like sleeping in a coffin.) He DOES have a bed. Not sure what’s so great about the floor, but getting a rug in there might do something about the intense Mom Guilt I experience every time I see hardwood imprints on his face.


My 7 year old has suddenly turned into a voracious reader, and when asked if he would prefer their teepee or a reading nook in his room, he immediately answered “Chair!” Why is it that children never love the AWESOME DIY projects that take you a million years to complete? If I wasn’t too big for the teepee I’d commandeer it.

Goals for the room:

  1. Colorful, but not too colorful

  2. Easy toy and clothing clean up

  3. Inviting

  4. Functional

  5. A touch of whimsey


Last night I spotted the perfect cozy reading chair on Craigslist, and when I heard back from the seller 10 minutes after putting the two youngest down for their naps today, I did the only logical thing I could do. I got them up, threw them in the car, and drove 40 miles to pick it up. The kids are already arguing over it. No one seems to get that I BOUGHT IT FOR THE BOYS ROOM.


Yesterday I got all of my thoughts on paper (well, PowerPoint) that have been swirling since I started contemplating participating a couple months ago. Some furniture is staying, some is going. All of it is moving. And everything that stays in the room will be transformed in some way, so that’s going to be fun! Of course, now that I found the Whimsical Chair I’m going to be making some adjustments to this Moodboard. It’s just a starting point, and a way for me to keep an eye on the overall goal, so I’ll edit it as I finalize designs. And I’ll share the updates here on the blog, of course!

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.58.02 PM.png

I’ve already bought fabric for a couple projects, and this weekend I’ll be kicking things off by painting their room. It was painted right before they moved in, but the three year old wrote on the wall with pen that no amount of elbow grease and Magic Eraser can remove.

Just so you know, I am aware that my Before pictures are ABYSMAL. But I didn’t feel like cleaning up, and was rushing to get the kids down for the naps they didn’t take, so it’s all I’ve got. Plus moving day pictures. Don’t worry, you’ll have pretties to look at as I progress! And we all know half the fun of a Before & After is a really terrible Before.

And with that, I’m off and running. I’ll have weekly progress posts up every Thursday until the reveal on NOVEMBER 8th! And of course at intervals in between, because it’s going to fly by and there are a LOT of projects on which to get cranking! So come on back to watch as I turn house into home! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates (link below) and comment if you have any room name suggestions. Because an awesome whimsical bedroom deserves a better name than “Boys Room!”