My love for creating beauty started when I was 8 years old…

That was the year I learned to sew. First by hand, then by machine, crafting whatever I thought up and could find fabric to stitch. As an aspiring minimalist, I rarely regret getting rid of anything, but I do wish I still had the first miniature doll quilt I made.

In adulthood, my creativity is most often expressed thru interior decorating. I want our home to be a haven, not just to our family, but to all who come thru our door. I still sew, and when I do, the finished product is usually something practical, whether a baby quilt, a living room pillow, or pajama pants for one of my boys.

My desire is to help others turn their houses into homes. I want your home, whether large or small, to be your haven -- the place where you can sink into a cozy chair in your favorite nook at the end of a long day, and feel at peace. 



Laurel has an eye that is creative and simplistic chic. She works with items on hand and treasures found - and makes everything look effortlessly stylish, unique, and yet oh so liveable!
— Colleen
I told Laurel how we used the room and certain non-negotiables and she worked them all together. She maintained the integrity of my traditional Colonial home while blending in the modern flair that represents my individuality.
— Julie