Comfortable. Energizing. Beautiful. Relaxing. Stylish. Welcoming. Organized. Unique. Whimsical.

Do any of these words describe your house? Do you wish they did? At Dawson Interiors, we believe your home should be a sanctuary from our busy world. It is the place for you to receive rest and refreshment and where you welcome in friends and family.

Your home should reflect you and be the place you can't wait to get back to. We believe that form and function are not mutually exclusive, but instead can work together to turn your house into your home.  


Unique Solutions


From using fabric in place of wallpaper, to stenciling a tired floor, to sourcing vintage finds on Craigslist, Dawson Interiors thrives on the challenges each space presents.  

Form & Function


If a space is beautifully decorated, but you have no place for your extensive library, then it isn't complete. Form and function must work together to make the home you need.



The final details bring personality into a space and create meaningful moments. This might be a print from your spouse or a wall hanging you picked up backpacking thru Belize.

The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.
— Jeff Lincoln